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Charlie with Cassandra Eason, an amazing clairvoyant  with over 35 years experience and an author of over 140 spiritual books.  Cassandra visits regularly through the year offering readings,

Ceridwen, Charlie and Sacha (with a Raptor and Ben)

Charles Reynolds





Charlie established the business in 1989. A geologist, Charlie is passionate about fossils, rocks, and minerals and is happy to share his help and knowledge with those who wish it!


Normally available in the shop on the weekends.



Other Team Members:


We are assisted and supported by Dianne Mason, Manager, Nicky Rose Sawyer, Super Senior Sales, Craig Marks, Sales Assistant, Lily Mahony, Sales Assistant, Natalie Savva, Sales Assistant, Louis Lovegrove, Sales Assistant.



Special Guests


Cassandra Eason


The amazing Cassandra Eason author of over 150 spiritual and intuitive books joins us at Charlie's approximately every 4 months offering 30 minute or one-hour clairvoyant consultations, past lives readings, spells for any purpose and helpful advice on psychic protection if you are worried or experiencing ill-wishing or bad fortune. We are Cassandra's only  UK venue.


Readings cost £45 per 30 minutes, with a £20 deposit being required upon booking. Cassandra is often fully booked a few weeks before she comes, so we do recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.  If you wish to book a reading please pop in the shop or call us on 0208 544 1207 within opening hours.


Further information on Cassandra can be found on her website:



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