30th Celebration Weekend

On 22nd and 23rd June 2019 we  celebrated 30 years of Charlie's Rockshop with a host of performances, workshops, stalls, crystal cupcakes, live music,  shamanic drumming, gong baths, dinosaurs, children's activities and more!

Special thanks to: The Deputy Mayor of Merton, Counsellor Edward Foley and his Wife, Miranda Foley. To Cassandra Eason, Melanie Syrett (The Drummer Woman/Sisters of the Drum), Lorna Hunte (Blaze2therapies), Maria Gomes, Creature Events, Rough Cut, Anjali, Kundalini Serpent Sisters, Abbey Mills Studios, Office Estates, Sound Mysterium, Wyn Abbot, Hilary Palmar, Amber Essence, Maria, Orgone Energy, Change Bliss, Not DR Tamara, Illuminate Essentials, Attitude Nails, Balancing Beads, Anita Hill, Nicky Rose-Sawyer, Reiki Morden, London Fire Brigade, Danii Marcos (amazing cupcakes!), Aisha (Facepainting), Bee Creative, Francesca Boccanera and Sacha Grigg (Event Organiser).

Here are our favourite photographs of the event

The Raptor (Creature Events) came to visit

Event setting up and opening with Charlie and the Deputy Mayor of Merton, Counsellor Edward Foley.

Kai, Sacha( Manager and Event Organiser), the Raptor with and Ben (Creature Events)

Ceridwen (Assistant Manager) meets the Raptor!

London Fire Brigade showed up to help control our dinosaurs!

Amazing cupcakes by Danii Marcos at La Violetta

Lorna Hunte and Melanie Syettt, Sisters of the Drum treating vistors to a shamanic healing session

Sisters of the Drum

Gong Bath by Sound Mysterium

Cassandra Eason led us in to a Midsummer Ritual

Kundalini Serpent Sisters

Singer Anjali

Wyn Abbott Ceramics joined as one of our stall holders

Our workshop space

Nick's microslides

Ollie Hutton of Rough Cut

Charlie's Rockshop, SW London
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