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Cassandra Eason 

Author of over 100 spiritual and intuitive books, we are proud to be the only place in the UK where Cassandra offers in person readings . Cassandra offers 30 minute or one hour clairvoyant consultations, past lives, spells for any positive purpose and help and advice on psychic protection if you are worried or you are experiencing ill-wishing or bad fortune. With over 35 years experience  Cassandra normally visits  us for three days every 3 months.  Readings cost £35 per 30 minutes.

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Cassandra will be with us on the 6th, 7th and 8th of November. Booking is essential!! To reserve a space call the shop or pop in.

Update 22nd October 2015,  A chance to contribute to the amazing Cassandra Eason's new book! Message from Cassandra:

I am currently writing a book called Deliver us from Evil on Psychic Protection and how to overcome negative psychic experiences.

I would be grateful for any experiences of paranormal  or earthly evil you may have encountered, including nasty hauntings, people who have cursed you, experiences of being crushed in bed by an invisible force or people who have made your life a misery by manipulating you or loved ones with mind control. Also any incidents of negative ouija board or séance experiences and spirits who won’t leave you alone afterwards would be welcome.. I would be especially interested to know how you dealt with these. I promise to change any identifying details for accounts I use in the book.

You can mail me on  as I often don’t get my private messages on Facebook.

So far I have collected experiences of being crushed by a demonic figure, common especially among older teenage girls and women in their twenties or even early thirties I have also encountered teenagers who have been bullied by other teenagers who find demonic names on line and tell the bullied person the demons will come to them when they sleep, people who have been given or bought what seems a cursed object and those who have seen vicious ghosts, whether in childhood or later in life.